And I have a new character…

I found a way to link the good guys to an ever-watchful nemesis which will help make the transition away from our world to the land of Borealveldt. In doing so I added a cat to the mix and chose a very specific breed to express the attitude I intend to share through its actions.

Ever hear of a Devon Rex? I probably have, but I wasn’t thinking of using one as a character at the time, and the name didn’t stick… but you should see it… so you shall…

Straight from the presses at Google search…. here is a sample of the creature in question.

Devon Rex

Looks a little like Yoda with major attitude if you catch the right expression… in my opinion that is… and it is.

Now, for the perfect name to choose. I already have an idea how the end will play out, as usual, but the perfect name to get us from a-z and not give it all away … oh … this afternoon shall be fun…

Hope you are playing with your imagination today!

Good morning, good night wherever you are… and if you have an idea about how to send the flies to their winged heaven quickly please do share… oy but they drive me batty….



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