Today, I shared a little bit of my story with a student that I have been trying to reach for months. The way they lit up, and shared their vision of what I could do with this story gives me a special kind of hope that will possibly bridge the gap between their interests, and my teaching style.

To have known how easily fired up this one could be is something that I wish they all would share. On top of that, I shared their view with another of their peers – same result. The excitement to extend time with creative writing prompts and activities absolutely made my day, as well as brought about a chance for greater success.

Oh how I wish my natural self would ask the right questions more often.

With that little bit of run-on sentence excitement I am going to leave you and ponder the depth of possibilities that are now in front of me.

What new ideas and possibilities are you facing?

Hope they are plentiful and enjoyable.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


Holy Jehoshaphat!

Talk about time flying and my attention span diminishing to not a complete thing beyond teaching. So sorry world, but I do exist. This crazy thing called a writing adventure is still in the works, though I have taken a few weeks off to focus on the year starting. I meant to have a moment on or near the 11th to properly pay tribute, but the focus again was on what I wanted the kids to learn.

I have no major revelations to share, though I still hope each and all of you are taking a moment to relish your creative talents.

Wishing you all a blessed day and for those like me, a break from the annoying little bugs.

Take care one and all!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!