Hi again!

Just a short note to share that I had a minor breakthrough with my creative ideas compared to stressors recently.   I have been working some magic of my own as I have been reading and reviewing the written works of JK Rowling for class… as I may have shared previously.  In doing so, I have also taken to watching the movies seeking multiple levels of inspiration but in the process, I missed an important one.  By watching the shows, reading the books, and writing ideas down, I find that my nemesis – the local train whipping through every few hours, or minutes – is not heard near so frequently.  I knew taking part in activities that you love makes tough times easier to manage, but I have never found a tool that would drown out trains til now.  Time will tell how well this continues to work.   I will be in touch!

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.