My Many Muses… and a Birthday!

Today is the birthday of someone who brought about a tremendous growth in character development and improved to the storyline I created for my class.  This means that the book I have finally started is off and running – sometimes at a snail’s pace, and sometimes I am back at the computer two or three more times in the day as I have more ideas.

It all started one June day when I was bored and looking for a show to watch after my work was done…. and as I am writing for pre-teens and teens… it is a teeny bopper directed kind of show.  And how I love it as a 48-and-some-SERIOUS-change kinda teacher.  Not only have I developed my story, but now I am sketching – mostly portrait style as I have finally found the peace to sit still and work at something for ME long term, but I also have found a method that helps me create realistic sketches.  Through it all – I DO NOT – hear those goofy trains that make me twitchy!

Go Me!

So – with that thought in mind – what inspires you?  How do you take creative ideas and build your time of relaxation?

Do you find peace in those activities?

Do you remember to use them everyday?

I hope so… so with that thought in mind I shall let the message sink in after I once more say…

Happy Birthday to a Muse of Mine!



Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.