I Made It!

50000 words plus. I managed to get my NaNoWriMo goal in time. 2 days early, unfortunately a lot of it was retyped, reviewed, edited.. .that’s where the good stuff came in. Edits that will make the next round of reviews better. Not to mention, the story might actually work for the first time now that I am reverting back to an original idea. the first twelve chapters flow as planned, but it was the ending I messed up by trying to expand it with too many, and boy do I mean too many, new ideas.

Here’s to a more successful final draft. Hope you had a great November and are looking forward to a peaceful December.

I am now aiming to play with later chapters and some artwork ideas. Nothing fancy in the art, but a good bit of Pinterest stalking will help. That is far too much fun for my own good.

Find you bliss and go for it!

Good morning, Goodnight wherever you are!