Happy… 27 Below… Whoo!!

Now that you know my greatest dilemma for the moment, you may have an idea why the computer and I are not in close contact quite so much. But I digress…

Happy New Year one and all! Pass it on. Have them pass it on again! Here’s to a new year of creativity that does not require us all to be worried about our next move, whether it is heading out into excessively cold weather, or to the grocery store.

Here’s to a year that brings us with decisions that guide us on a path toward growth and a new plan for ourselves that will make a positive difference in another’s life while benefiting ourselves.

Here’s to me not repeating myself yet one more time as I lay claim to a future that hopefully marks only the beginning of many more great years to come. Its the perfect time to move forward and focus on staying creative and focused on tomorrow!

Are you with me world?!

Let’s do this!


Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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