Oh. My. God. Not only am I looking at a post from Monday that did not finish processing, but now I am having troubles with ever itty-bitty or massive computerized, or non, typing tool. I have my computer at school blinking at me for no reason that I know of. It is almost as if people are messing with accounts outside of their own and it is tracking to every device involved. Which invariably means, I am toast.

Oy. Other than the last few minutes with the typing issues, I have actually had a very good day. I checked in with the meal group and next week we will find a more solid rhythm allowing us teachers a more solid schedule that we can focus on grading and planning more. I have begun some documentation with my kids and not only did I speak with, or attempt to speak with more than half of my troops today, but I also got a response from one who has been stressed about school. It is nice to know that a direct effort on my part to say hi and offer advice for schoolwork was accepted.

So very nice to be talked to … maybe nice is not the word. Maybe thinking as a very single human that would be vaguely insane if meals hadn’t taken up some time, and how I appreciate a response to a simple message. 😀

This is rather off the rails rambling but I thought I would at least say hi since Monday didn’t post and … and… I got some allergy drama figured out. Best I’ve felt in weeks. Now the lilacs will bloom and that will go kaplooey on me. That’s okay. It is my ‘I’m alive and I know it’ moment.

Breathe deep troops and smile. We are getting through it. Maybe not unscathed, but we are learning a lot about ourselves.

Take care one and all!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!