And I have a new character…

I found a way to link the good guys to an ever-watchful nemesis which will help make the transition away from our world to the land of Borealveldt. In doing so I added a cat to the mix and chose a very specific breed to express the attitude I intend to share through its actions.

Ever hear of a Devon Rex? I probably have, but I wasn’t thinking of using one as a character at the time, and the name didn’t stick… but you should see it… so you shall…

Straight from the presses at Google search…. here is a sample of the creature in question.

Devon Rex

Looks a little like Yoda with major attitude if you catch the right expression… in my opinion that is… and it is.

Now, for the perfect name to choose. I already have an idea how the end will play out, as usual, but the perfect name to get us from a-z and not give it all away … oh … this afternoon shall be fun…

Hope you are playing with your imagination today!

Good morning, good night wherever you are… and if you have an idea about how to send the flies to their winged heaven quickly please do share… oy but they drive me batty….



And it has begun again…

Week one of the near school year has been survived by all. I had little doubt of that, but my time has been extended with the kinder folks and I am used to teaching older students, so that is huge. To me it is, anyway.

The rewriting process has continued daily along with my individual homework, but wow… I have added new pieces. They will, at least temporarily, fill in some major gaps in the story, but whether htey fly with the tale or need rewritten again, I am not sure. But I am still writing…

My mind is quite off task at the moment too with a bazillion flies buzzing round my head so … I am going to take my leave for now.

Hope you had a good week… no… GREAT week.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


Borrowing Ideas from Myself…

In this case, each sample of photography is a photo I took myself, and posted on Pinterest.


The one thing that I keep coming back to, is borrowing ideas.

I borrow from the best.

Find a special moment, or a lucky find… (see that… up there… its a Siamese budded flower)…

and through it all, a little peace shall come to pass.

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


Little Moments…

Small pieces of time.

That have significant consequences…

… or maybe that should be…

positive results.

Find them.

Recognize them.

Take hold and treasure each and every one.

We are but pieces of the big picture.

Go with it…

… and make the world yours!

Good morning, good night wherever you are.


Perfect Timing…

As my online course reaches midway and we discuss lesson plan writing, I will begin teaching the same week. Whew… at least vacation time overlapped less student directed activities so that it still felt like my time.

I have almost 3 days before the fun begins… and not without drama of course. I am out of ink for my printer… the company I ordered prints for classroom decor did not address the  job as anticipated so my plans are all up in the air for that… go figure.

But as for the writing… I am editing as I retype my novel still and finding more joy in that than one should. So… if you don’t mind, I would like to continue.

More thoughts on creativity to come… just have to have my pragmatic phase for a bit.

Continue to explore your bliss!

Good morning, good night wherever you are.



Spark! 1.12

Little by little, I am retyping my story with minor and major edits. As I stated a few days ago, I have found a place to insert the Spark! concept, and I finally feel like I have little moments to fill the gaps between the scenes I have written. Some of them anyway.

Now I must warn you. Monday is D-day. The beginning of another year of discovery.

Another year with students, new and old.

Another year of working my way closer and closer to the ultimate goal of combining all of my talents and education.

So… if I am a bit on the absent side, I apologize now. I will be a consistent as possible, especially since they have a tendency of setting off my creative side all day long… and it will be an odd day for sure if I have nothing to share.

For now I am maintaining my goal by taking it one step at a time with as much time for me while I still have it.

Take a deep breath just for you today, and smile. You have given back to the world just by sharing that!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


Spark! 1.11

I know I am deviating from story line, but Spark! is all about inspiration – I am sure you already caught that – so here is another piece of my experience.

Per my usual, I was watching a show, but this time it involved music, and music that I listened to before, during and afterwards.

Those songs…

You know the ones…

The ones that capture your heart, soul, spirit… your whole being…

The ones that drive straight into you with the ease of the most well placed blade.

  • Sometimes they share pain, and in the end, hopefully, release you from more than you realized you were experiencing.
  • Sometimes they lift you up. Send you flying so high you don’t think you will ever come down.
  • And then there are those songs…
    • The ones that do all of that, and inspire you to create more.
    • To create love.
    • To banish sadness, frustration, and pain.
    • Songs that lead you to a light in your day that sets you free to open your mind to all things possible, and rather than thinking you can defeat the impossible, help you realize that it says I’m Possible.

That is what today is about.

The ultimate in inspiration that shows up in songs, notes we took – maybe moments ago, or in the distant past – but suddenly are all crashing into your world at one time.

I’ve had those moments. Moments that feel like I am getting a message from the universe. From God or a guardian angel guiding my path. To see it present in another’s life opens so many possibilities.

To realize that one moment in a person’s life can become a turning point for millions.

We ALL have that potential. And I for one, want to share some of mine.

That is why I write.

Why do you create?

To keep to yourself? Or to dream…?

Live the dream that you were told was not possible, and share it with any who you dare!


Good morning, good night wherever you are!