Derailed again…

What can I say. I have a solid pattern with the A.D.D. thing. So, here is my question…

Is profanity truly a tool toward better writing?

In the case of the story I am thinking of… better magic?


Really, just. No.

Why then do we choose to use it with the frequency that most of us swallow? Blink… Turn sideways…

Apparently that is the only way? I read the books and they were more tempered. The sex seemed to be the theme there which I don’t see as quite so blatantly necessary, but in some cases, he used it to tie the magical knots… so to speak.  So I KINDA get that.

But profanity still eludes me.

I need unusual words like… marmalade.



Heck… I don’t care but we can be less liberal with the expletives, yeah?

Ok… we can agree, or agree to disagree on this one…I have said my piece.

Tata for now…

Good morning, good night wherever you are.



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