At Long Last…

A computer … not exactly crashing, but definitely less than working, has delayed contact so “Hello again!” I’m alive, well, slightly losing my mind over little things like usual, but back in the game!

In the last few weeks I have continued to plug along hiding in my little cave imagining new ideas for my characters, taking photos of leaves and the lights, but mostly just going day by day with school. Unfortunately, we lost one of our kids and buried him on the 6th. What a sucky way to plug along, but I heartily hope that this encourages the kids to ask for help more and more. In this case, it was an accident, but he was one of those all around sweet kids with a strong personality, but his family and friends were everything to him. I can only pray that each of those he leaves behind, talk when they need to and find a way through the heartache.

My side of the event has been mostly trying to stay focused on helping the kids and keeping a sketchpad nearby. That has helped tremendously. A little art, and a warrantied car that lets my kindle read through the speakers for night photography jaunts, and a few lucky shots have really made this ‘easier.’

I admit that I am completely off task with the next door guardian angel theme, but that will work back into play soon enough. In the meantime, I am going to get on the ball with my art for tonight. I need a little play time. Hope you all are well and staying creative!

In the meantime, stay strong!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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