Each and Every Day!

One of the most frustrating things I experience is that I dedicate myself to an idea or project, and quite often I do as I have here.  I visit once in a while rather than focus each and every day.  At this point I feel the crazy chaos of starting a new semester of school along with a new year.  It also is coated in a sugary layer of positive thoughts and hopeful beginnings as I move forward and prepare for my 3rd writing class.  The momentum and joy of taking writing classes has continued, if not amplified over the past few months and has brought one important thought to mind.

Each and Every Day!

To be a successful writer, one must dedicate time to writing everyday.   Without that focus, the skills do not remain sharp, nor do they come as readily when needed.  This is true of every skill we wish to utilize professionally or in our personal lives.  In our actions or in our behaviors.

Simply said, whatever you choose to do, do it with passion.

Complete it with dedication.

Remain focused on the task and practice it Each and Every Day!


Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.