The Weird World We Live In…

Day by day I feel like life may be scrambling back into solid footholds slightly resembling normality. The hardest part is that I’m not certain I’m prepared for normal. I know I’ve said it before… I don’t want to rush into it and have us end up in more troubles… but more than that? I want to stay here. Writing. Foreverrrrr…. Even if it is sitting in my chair… being more bum than creative human. And yet, being a bum leads to creativity more often than not for me.

On that happy little note, I have stalled somewhat in my story, partly because editing is a daunting task. More so, I think is that I have a wonderful knack of viewing my world and plot with more and more questions as I stew on it. I need a tool to help bring it back around to a solid tale. I just to find find a tool that will be fix my focus, without breaking the bank in the process … if you have any ideas… I am open as can be to them. More than likely I have it all, I just don’t realize it. If it is computer based, though, I do know I am resistant to it partly because we are still in a cold world (gotta be curled up with heat you know), but partly also because I spend waaaay too much time on the computer as part of work. I want old school workbooks or journals (… I have an over abundance of the later.)

Now that I have shared about me.. how are you? Are you creative? Safe? Getting by?

Any and all are acceptable. Just keep keepin on.

Hope you find your magical weapon for tolerating our Wild and Weird World.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


As the Saying Goes…

A new day, a new dollar…
Or is it a penny right now?

Lately we have been hit with our own dilemma locking down temporarily, at least part of the community, to protect us from a local wave of Covid. Our luck has it, that we will be back full force on Monday, if it holds.
In the meantime I did manage to get more meetings in with a few students, and kept up paperwork that I needed managed during this time. Whew… but that sense of needing a home based job keeps nagging at me. I know this is a bad idea for 2 reasons though. I am too comfortable at home, for one, and being around others really is healthy, even though my personality loves the quiet.

On the flip side, I have been lightly, but at least I have been, editing my book. I also have set up plans to write stories with my elementary specials class. They love being creative so my artistic activities have gone very well. I also have created a few rewards to win, though I really need to come up with enough for everyone. Just need more supplies but that can easily be fixed if I ask.

So, enough about me. How are you? Are you painting, drawing, getting good and greasy in an engine that you love working on? I hope so. Life is too weird and crazy right now to stay locked up completely, and being involved in some activity helps. If nothing else, we could do a Masterclass binge watch in our respective spaces… OR… Skillshare. Love those sights for additional learning opportunities. (My next goal is to finish Steve Martin’s Humor class….-mc platform)

I hope you all are well. Keep plugging along in your own way, and stay as healthy as possible.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!