Another year down…

Whew! I can’t believe the year is done and little things are all that is left to tie up and then I am footloose and fancy free! It may take a couple more weeks as I need to find photos for yearbook, but the rest, all sped materials in particular, are tied up and squared away. Such a feeling.

Now to take care of family needs for a couple of weeks, then meet with the elementary team to set up new plans for next fall, then it is mine until early August… more writing… maybe even, a more consistent presence here. If nothing else, you see how I operate with my writing. Only in NaNoWriMo months am I reliable at all.

Well. In the spirit of reclaiming myself, I shall let you go. Hope you have found a moment of peace and quiet, an opportunity to create, and most importantly, a chance to breathe.

Take care one and all!

Good morning, Goodnight wherever you are!