A Typical Day

I have nothing major to say, except I am both almost at my 25,000 (24,424) word goal, and simultaneously, only halfway to my goal. Meaning my original plan was not recorded so now I’m bound to the full 50,000 NaNoWriMo plan. Unfortunately, in order to meet both goals of editing and expanding, I am retyping with edits rather than adding more to the story. If I add much more instead of cut back, I might go insane shaping it up so… all is well essentially. Especially if the NaNo world will forgive my methods.

But that is not why I wanted to give a shout out today. Today I wanted to share a little driving experience today. A driving experience with a dog. … Yep. She was checking out the scenery off my left, standing on the console… and sneezed all over the side of my face! EW! What a soggy doggy experience. That has been her habit for the last few weeks and I know it is because the air in the car is setting off her sinuses, but dang!

I know. Totally off the creative, or guardian angel themes (unless you count the writing, and the sanity that goes with a nonjudgmental furry buddy as a constant angel), but you gotta agree it is at least a little bit entertaining.

What are your most memorable pet traveling experiences? Mine are pretty plentiful, but I’d rather hear more that you have to share.

Hope you all are well and keeping creative!

If I don’t catch up in time, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

Good morning, Goodnight wherever you are!


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