Bacon for the Brain – An Introduction.

Bacon for the Brain is not quite what you may have in mind, but…

I hope that the concept keeps you coming back for more.  The reasoning behind the title is that my target audience will be those who often do not have time for the frivolous, as well as follow the ‘food for thought’ concept.  Most are veterans of American wars, or active and retired emergency personnel.  Through a collection of shared articles found in research, comical anecdotes (well, at least I may find them slightly comical), and poetry directed in a patriotic tone, I will share my thoughts.  Most will be geared toward making a difference in those who have experienced stressful events and need a distraction or an idea for redirecting their thoughts.  Others will be plain odd moments that take place and fit in with the theme as I work to develop a program here in northeastern Montana geared to support military personnel, and with the right support, emergency personnel as well. (HearthStone is the name I have chosen – a safe place to let your guard down just as I hope to create here.)

So, here is the beginning. I am a teacher at our local school with a specialization with special needs students.  I have always had an interest in America’s history and have studied various aspects of it over the last 3 decades.  I graduated from Carroll (there’s a story in itself) College in Helena, MT in 1990 with a Bachelors in Sociology with Secondary and Special Education.  I have also added 39 credits of history in 2011, and a Masters in Psychology for a Non-Profit Organization this past spring.
Throughout this journey, I hope to share my ideas in a manner which allows you to be interested, gain valuable information, as well as receive input toward improving my input or presentation.  As may always be the rules, especially when dealing with a teacher, input is greatly valued, and the nicer it is said, the more likely it will remain available for others to see, as well as for it to be heeded.  Simply put – please share your ideas as I need them, but be nice to me and your peers as we interact.

I shall say, enough for now, as I let my comments and my beginnings settle in.  In the meantime… I need to take a few pictures of bacon… gotta have a matching header and page break to match the theme, right?

Oh yeah.. the Carroll story will be shared soon.

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.