Saved My Bacon…

They did!

So I had a moment… at 1:30 in the morning no less! What the heck… Anyway. A routine I have is to take my car for a short drive after it has warmed up so the oil warms more in an effort to help it run easier the next day in these sub-zero temps.

Well… that worked until Friday night… okay… Saturday morning for most folks.

I… in my infinite wisdom… chose to hang a left into a snowy stretch that was just a poorly plowed piece of road, but one that I had driven through a couple of days before. Yep. High centered my jeep… little one unfortunately. I need larger wheels, a higher profile… and smarter choices. I just happened to think that a street should be cleared and I shouldn’t have much trouble with the middle of the road, but I was wrong.

A round of digging and no success and I gave in and called a coworker friend. First thing she did was offer to come out and see what she could do to help. Yep. That meant two more had to leave their cozy homes and all in all I got my adventurous butt saved. Whoo hoo!

Now… the purpose of sharing my….moment. How do you show appreciation when appreciation was expressed and is all they care about? I want to do more, but I know they would rather something simple…


Stay safe and warm and don’t be afraid to make that call for help when you need it. It is great when you realize just how valued you are, and the help you will get when you need it.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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