Almost Made It…

The end of the school year is within 2 weeks from completion with the kids, and just a few more days as far as scheduled meetings are concerned. Sad thing is, I am already stressing over activities and needs for change for the next year, rather than reveling in our current success. We really need to step back and find better stress management. Alright. I. I need to find better tools. I need to apply my tools rather than hang out and be a bum.

My issue at work, is not that I am not communicating, but rather that I need to wait for better timing to happen before I address things. Soon as we talk, things will even out, but good gravy. Sticking up for others is wearing me out and this delay is another way of doing just that.

One thing I came across recently is compassion fatigue. This is often attributed to caregivers and emergency personnel. The last presentation I watched discussed teachers and how we contend with PTS in our students, but we often don’t have the right tools to properly help them. With that stress, the kids can’t focus, and we don’t know how to positively redirect them. That coupled with Covid… oy.

What about you? Do you have ideas that could help the greater good? I am all ears if you do.

Now that I have taken a turn and unloaded on you. Admitted my lack of coping tool application on top of it. How are you?

I hope you are better than I. Moving forward and finding work settings to even out and be better.

Keep rocking your hard work and personal focus!

Good morning goodnight wherever you are!