Holy Missed the Boat Batman…

I promised that I would write, and keep in touch better over the summer… LIES! All of it LIES!

Well… not all of it. I did write and meet my goal of 35,000 words not just before school starts (next week), but within 29 days in July. Whooo!

I have otherwise spent my time focused on decompressing, and planning for next week. I have big dreams and high hopes that are overlapping with maintaining the plans for what has been working with the younger troops.

I cannot wait to see how my ideas pan out, and hopefully have yet one more year that teaches me the joys of educating our youth. They never fail to amaze me.

Have a blessed and happy day!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


Happy 4th of July – Happy Summer Day…

Whichever suits you best. So far I have read roughly a book a day, been through Flash, Madame Secretary, and now am on Supernatural binge watching.

In July alone I’ve put together over 4500 words with a goal of 35000 for the month, and hope to hit closer to 80000 total – another 15, by mid August.

I am also working on gathering bits to create a fairy garden/ mini version of my creative world. 😀

Being a bum is my goal for summer because school will come round much too soon.

This is me decompressing and taking care of myself.

What are your favorite tools?

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


NaNoWriMo July 19

Whoo! Time to get going with the writing. I have had a very productive two weeks with my writing, and now I have the perfect opportunity to put it into high gear.

The ideas, plans, and possibilities are endless so, here’s to a great month of writing.

… that is if I manage to keep the brain on writing rather than re-watching my shows. 😀

Hope all is well in the world out there.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


Little Things…

The little things in life are all too often the big things. In this case it was spending a few minutes here, or a phone call there to my Aunt Em and Uncle Tom. On Memorial Day, Tommy passed, but it was 91 1/2 glorious years of life that we had with him… well… 50 and 1/2 for me.

He was a fantastic uncle, father, brother, and grandfather. In ’46, he spent time in the Pacific with the Navy which is where he and I bonded with my interest in World War 2 history. Together, with dad working as liaison, we shared books, stories we found, and learned more about one another.

We don’t always have time on our side, but wow, what a fantastic ride. Celebrating his life also gave me a chance to see long lost cousins… or rather those I missed by a day or two for decades – literally decades…

No sad thoughts allowed, 91+ is a great life, so focus on celebrating those you have.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


Motivation and Writing

Now that I have half a minute to completely focus on my writing, I feel scattered. The website that I went to on a daily basis, (well… almost) and tracked my writing habits is shutting down. With that habit forming tool, I feel disconnected and frustrated. I know word will do the trick, but accountability – outside myself, is the key.

I’ve spent time searching for a replacement, but none work as this did and the ‘creature of habit’ in me is rearing its ugly head.  Hopefully my routine will shore up in the next couple of weeks so I can focus the rest of summer.

Any thoughts on your part are quite welcome!

To a peaceful and heartfelt Memorial Day!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!



School. Is. Out.

School’s out for summer…

That’s all I gotta say now. I should write, but all I wanna do is think… Ok. Scream…

FREEDOM!! WHOOOOooooooHHhhoooooEEeeeee!

I’ll be around… hopefully much more soon. 😀

Take care one and all.

Good morning good night wherever you are.


Happy Tax Day!

Two years ago… near this very day, I began the story that I have run with through the majority of my writing degree, and I still feel all the same things.

Overwhelmed because I have never seen this story as a single novel but rather as a series.

Thrilled because of the artistic theme, and the possibilities of my students… OUR students, could achieve.  This is particularly true because I believe that art is a tool that can be used to calm the mind and help them the basic academic needs in a more enjoyable way.

Art could be a way to make the best of all things, especially if the teacher is artistic as well. How can we not use our own skills to help explain what we mean?

Forget the rote teaching habits.

Make it something the kids like. Can buy into.

Here’s to another year on the same path!

Hope all is well in your world.

Good morning goodnight wherever you are!