Holy Gehasophat!

Life sure got in the way, with my permission, and I dropped the ball in a bad way.

Sorry for my absence but shifting gears from writing on a constant basis, getting through to the holidays, then hiding in my house (see, no excuse) for the entire break speaks highly of the time I needed for me. It however, does nothing for my mission to keep contact and add to my tale.

Now that break has passed, and we are 3 weeks into the new teaching year, I am just finding my way back to writing. I found a new, or rather, updated, version of note taking that is pushing my ideas back into addressing the past in my story. Building blocks are finally surfacing that make sense and tie to my life as an educator in a way that stick with me throughout the day.

Now if I could keep my focus on art at home…

The note taking took I am referring to is Sketchnoting. It is well worth your time if you need ways to keep ideas in mind without losing focus as you take notes. A mix of text and art, it helps add creative ways to remember what is needed.

Now that you know I am still alive and kicking, what is new in your world? Have you kept better focus than me? I hope so…

Take care one and all – til the next time I surface.. or tomorrow.. whichever comes together. 😀

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


I made it…

Okay, so that is a bit redundant after last post, but I made it through November  writing at least a little every day and achieved a total of 55,141 words. Today… just the last few minutes in fact, I have begun editing my very pathetic spelling that I let go of in favor of getting the ideas into text.

It sucks. not the idea of putting things right, but the fact that the darned program shifts corrections every which way, combining words and whatever else the stupid program wants to do and it is driving me nuts! Why can’t it just work like other programs I am used to. It seems I will have to copy to word, then fix and re-paste… what a waste of technology….

At least that is my view. Anyway. Enough whining and lets just say – December has arrived! I have 13 teaching days til Christmas break and may I just say, I am as ready for it as the kids?

I am as ready for break as the kids and I am still on the edge of Thanksgiving… good grief.

My goal is to edit all month long and start to expand in the next three months… lets see how things go… wait… amending that… as I edit, lets see if I find all the little tips I left myself for plot line growth that I created during NaNoWriMo… Whew! I actually had some great ideas that tied in as I wanted, but knowing me I will zip right past them or have them so misspelled that I will miss the boat entirely…

Ahhh… the joys of being NOT patient with myself.

Hope you all are better in treating yourself with care.

Til next time!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


I made it with time to spare…

50,135 words and I plan to write over the course of the next three days just to see how far I can get. I have been working on book 2 and I like this character and plot line in the fact that it will be tossed out the window but some of the bones will be used in the editing phase. I mean really… I have never been so full of it as I have been this month.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday and what did he say when I told the folks that I was nearly there? “You’re just like your Uncle Tom. Full of it.”

No doubt but really…. Now I think I’m gonna go collapse and bask in success a bit.

Hope you all have a great week – Thanksgiving if you celebrate it! Take care one and all. 😀

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are.



Holy Cripe! I am going to make it!

Whew… now that I got that said, I can carry on to other things… that really are just more NaNoWriMo bits. I know that I can make things up on a whim when needed, but good grief! I cannot believe the level of BS that I pull off in a very short time. Not one plan. No more than a random thought about what could happen comes to mind.

Gotta wonder how I manage it.

I know that I am an honest do-gooder on a daily basis (uh huh, I know… says I), but I can tell you that I might have been a pretty good bad guy should I have chosen to be. Here is the crux of tonight’s thought. If I can be that fluent in … ok.. lets just say it, we’re all adults here… I think… Bullshit. There said it. I am fluent in every sort of Blarney I have attempted, and yet I have NO IDEA how to define my bad guy.

I have an idea about the drive, and my students sparked an idea 2 weeks ago- but darned if the thread wasn’t lost in the midst of ending the school day…

So … if any of you have great bad guy drafts to suggest…

Hope your last 2 weeks have been good to you.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


PS – maybe sooner if you have that bad guy draft… yeah? … 😀

Hello world. 


I am nearing the halfway mark on my story and while I have over 26,000 words on my device, that didn’t translate to full 25000 on the NaNoWriMo website.  It is over 23,000, but I have a few days that I need to catch up on since I didn’t hit my minimum of  1672, I belive it is, per day. Had a few days I was lucky to pull of 500 words that put a kibash on the success rate . In the meantime, I have survived a full moon at school – anyone in the education, or emergency fields.. has kids… can probably relate to my train of thought there.

I also have a number of sketching ideas that i would live to do ,but lo and behold, why? Why would I focus on drawing when writing comes more naturally? Because I have ideas I need drafted for my story, but I would rather work in tandem with someone who is very good at sketching, than try to muddle my way through on my own…

Oh well. Here’s’ to sucking it up., and giving it a shot anyway. Right?

So, how have you all been? I hope well in spite of any dilemmas you may have had to face. If nothing else, you know you are not alone in this crazy adventure called life. Hang in there. Put the kids to bed early. Go to bed early yourself, if need be.

Hope your  creative selves took a moment to breathe and enjoy this week. Til next time.  Good morning , good night wherever you are!


Whoo hoo! 14,000 and counting… :D

Back again, three days in a row. Do you see an avoidance tactic in play? If not you should sure see a knack for using this platform as a method of reaching my word count for the typing slash writing day.. yup… there we are with two more to expand it.

So, I took a good long look at my water paintings and yup… we need to do a little more work on the technique. All is well in the idea and application, but there is such a mishmash of colors on both projects that it is hard to tell they are painted or just rapidly dunked. The best part is that there are small areas that the black metal still shows threw. Nice contrast, but if it had happened in more places it may have had a cooler effect on the overall plan. On to phase two and that requires figuring out what phase two is.

Ideas? I am open to them like always. My plan had been to keep going with another thought but the dog is demanding entrance out of the frigid night air, so I will save that for the moment and bid you Adieu.

Til next time. Good morning, goodnight where ever you are.


Whoooaaa. Two days in a roowww…!

Today I played with a new form of art. At moments I have been known to play with spray paint art for kicks… and have had fairly good success if I may do say so myself. After purchasing a couple metal working pieces from Redline Steel… sound like a free lance advertising agency with two posts like this but… I played with spray paint and water to color them. This was a student driven idea as I had purchased a custom piece that says Create, and I wanted to make sure the message was seen for what it is meant to be. Art in its purest form.

That being said, it was a success. My fingers are semi permanently maroon, peach, red and gold. The blue and green didn’t stick as well, but this is an adventure I will have to try again as soon as I can. Given the temperatures we are in store for, I am half expecting the paints to explode now that they are in a temp controlled environment, namely the house. If I walk in in and faint from odors… well, you will hear from me eventually… I will be that human for sure. I try not to over share, but the goofy things I set myself up for… yes. Most definitely.

As for the success of painting the metal signs, – they worked well, but not necessarily with the intended color layering I had in mind. Oh well. In my world that means I have the perfect opportunity to do this again… on the same piece and layer the paint until I am seeing what I hope to see. If the view I had earlier proves to be true they do kind of look a bit like a preschool finger paint job. Maybe I will like them dry. My student definitely will see what a mess I made before I continue though.

One thing I have learned this year, – take advantage of my students’ creative minds. Anyone else find that to be more rewarding -even when  a mess occurs – than you expect it to? I sure am. With that thought in mind, I shall bid you a temporary far thee well.

Good morning , good night wherever you are.