As the Saying Goes…

A new day, a new dollar…
Or is it a penny right now?

Lately we have been hit with our own dilemma locking down temporarily, at least part of the community, to protect us from a local wave of Covid. Our luck has it, that we will be back full force on Monday, if it holds.
In the meantime I did manage to get more meetings in with a few students, and kept up paperwork that I needed managed during this time. Whew… but that sense of needing a home based job keeps nagging at me. I know this is a bad idea for 2 reasons though. I am too comfortable at home, for one, and being around others really is healthy, even though my personality loves the quiet.

On the flip side, I have been lightly, but at least I have been, editing my book. I also have set up plans to write stories with my elementary specials class. They love being creative so my artistic activities have gone very well. I also have created a few rewards to win, though I really need to come up with enough for everyone. Just need more supplies but that can easily be fixed if I ask.

So, enough about me. How are you? Are you painting, drawing, getting good and greasy in an engine that you love working on? I hope so. Life is too weird and crazy right now to stay locked up completely, and being involved in some activity helps. If nothing else, we could do a Masterclass binge watch in our respective spaces… OR… Skillshare. Love those sights for additional learning opportunities. (My next goal is to finish Steve Martin’s Humor class….-mc platform)

I hope you all are well. Keep plugging along in your own way, and stay as healthy as possible.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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