Off We Go…

Into the wild blue yonder…

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

The new year is a chance for all manner of new beginnings. Each month a chapter. Each day a page.

Today, I have begun to draft my new novel of a year, with 3 pages nearly done. I have no excitement to share. No dilemmas to worry about, nor any to fix.

Tomorrow we will begin our new teaching semester and I am determined to use the evenings to get more of my novel written, (actual novel this time), and keep my eye on the prize for my students’ learning year.

I hope you each of you has a plan, however minor (book read, new job, smile for each day), that you wish to achieve. Remember to keep your eye on the prize, and find joy in each effort you put into the work you do.

Be safe. Be happy. Find joy.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are.


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