Whew… Tis that time Again

Santa, I mean.

Fast as I wanted this year to go, it seemed to sluggishly move, then whip right past me. Twice I have drafted a post, and twice I opted to sit where I was warm rather than take on posting the thoughts of the day, so here goes nothing in an attempt to recap them.

End of November came and I had posted 25,000 words on the 21st and 35,000 by the 30th for NaNoWriMo. Efforts toward improving the Borealveldt saga are going well… Alright. They will be when I get off my duff and choose to fully dive in to editing, not just considering what needs changing. I did manage to lay out a better possible 3rd act but I can also see it being written four more times and never be the same. Sooo.. what do I know there. My fingers tend to randomly wander off into parts unknown when writing.

The next point is that I have taken on a new challenge, informally at this point, but the efforts to understand first Vietnam, 9/11, and Pearl Harbor have now morphed into a deep dive into Midway. I look forward to this adventure and pick apart the pieces of that puzzle. Sharing the story has been part of a hard and fast hit on World War 2, some of which I know extremely well, and some I need to do heavy duty research yet. I am getting better, but my kids will know something of the times, before I am done.

And lastly… I am at Christmas break. No issues thus far other than this insanity on the world and political levels. How I hope we all fall into a routine by March. I don’t think my need for peace can take much more drama. Sheesh. At least I am still deeply entrenched in my crafts and I have a new arrangement for my office/living space so there is less overlap and more dedicated focus. I also am making a sloppy mess and trying my hand at acrylic paint pouring. With patience and the right mediums, I do well, but I also do mud well. 😀

So… now that you are all caught up on my little crazy self. How are you? I hope well. I hope you are finding outlets to keep you focused and active. As you can tell, I am, though lately it has been mostly on a digital level (found a few games I love), and my critters, but peace is found all the same. Other than that, life is simply plugging along.

I shall call it good for now, and I will hopefully find a theme for next go round rather than bombard you with anything and everything I can think of.

Stay safe! Stay creative!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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