15,000+ in 13 Days!

Whooo! NaNoWriMo and I are getting on famously so far. I set a basic goal of 25,000 with the intention of editing my work. I also added a goal of 35,000 in DabbleWriter where I post my progress keeping the ideas connected in chapter form.

My editing goal is more of a ‘fill in the blanks’ kinda of progress, but it is working rather well as I have had some very good thoughts flowing. Now will they stay intact? Doubtful. In spite of that, the ideas are flowing more reasonably than I expected.

So World. My life had been good here, rather off kilter same as it was before, but somehow I am managing to remain healthy. How are you all? I hope well if not very well…. dare I ask for awesome?!

All the same, I hope that you keep plugging away, being creative and finding a path toward the light at the end of this wild ride.

Take care one and all.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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