September 12th. Plus 20.

Do you remember September 12th 2001? The flags coming out in every imaginable way?

Pins. Handheld size, but slipped in the top of a briefcase or tote…Tied to car radio antennas? Hanging on the front of homes. Stores, and along streets for more than just June and July.

The flags sold so fast they went out of stock more than once as the American public geared up to tackle the next phase of our nation’s history. At the time, I was only 30 miles from where United 93 went down, living and working in Latrobe PA. That seemed to start a whole new need for knowledge. I have done my best to learn every possible moment that happened that day. Then teach that information to our youth, including how the day after felt.

This September 12th, I kept reflecting back on that day. How it felt to find solace in the little things that we could do to keep our hopes up and not be too overwhelmed by a hefty dose of evil. It is days like the 12th that I always feel like we come out on top. That we can always find hope. Find foundation and return to some semblance of normalcy.

I hope that some day recently, whether you felt it today or any another day, you found the same joy and freedom to remember peace. Those are the moments that keep you going.

Hope you all are staying creative. Til next time!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are.


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