Spark! – 1

Have you walked in a store, an office at work, or any setting where others are present, and knew something was in your favor? That the stars had aligned and today was your day?

Maybe it was that you were relaxed, on vacation, or just away from the stress of your obligations, but you felt it, right?

I have felt that more and more as time passes.

One minute it is just a good day.

The next someone pays for a pop that wasn’t run through the register when I paid for my groceries and I only have my debit card.

The next is when I pay that action forward and help someone else out because I felt someone needed a boost and it was a simple act to give back.

Those moments are the inspiration. Those are the moments that I know my mind is in the right space for the creativity to flow… so of course I just enjoy the moment and Netflix to my heart’s content.

… but then again… I do pick apart what I am watching for ideas. I don’t squander the joy of watching a show dedicated to emergency personnel… or a super hero that flashes by as he saves the world.

I end up with more ideas than I know what to do with and that is 99% of the problem… but for now I will take the problems. I will go forth and begin drafting my first ideas for Blaze. And when I am not completely overwhelmed and a plot has come together.. you will be the first to know!

Good morning, good night wherever you are! See you soon…



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