Spark! – 1.1

Sooo… with pay it forward, and big dreams in mind. Have you ever been certain that Angels walk among us? That God has a hand in every little thing we do, but … in the rocky and dark moments, neither are anywhere to be found…?

That is the inspiration behind the character Blaze, and the tale that is becoming Spark. That spark of inspiration that is needed to keep your head above water, fighting to the next moment. The next day. Finding ways to gain control of the emotions that run both sides of the spectrum.

These characters will lead us on a journey of creativity. Of battles that need to be fought with the Negative Neds’ and Noras’ of the world. Of finding our magic whether it be in art, writing, metal or woodworking… whatever it is that allows us to get out of our heads and thrive.

One thing that I can say for this, albeit brief, blog of ideas… I am gaining ground in not just building Spark!, but also in understanding the mindset behind my nemesis within the novel. Now, if I would just get out of my own way and write…

For now… stay strong. Share ideas. Find joy…

Good morning, good night wherever you are! Until tomorrow…


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