Happy 19,345 Days!

Or 53 years to the rest of you…. to me! 😀 I’m having a great relaxing day with a few errands mixed in, and a lovely few things that have come together involving my lucky numbers, not to mention some art to keep me going…. however, that is not the point for today… well… not the post.

I’m a little early, but I do have a thing that is timely for school. I’ve been researching 9/11 again so I can prepare for next week. In the past I have torn the day apart for the facts. I have shared timeline information. Had the kids design a building that would not have trapped anyone – they invariably share that everyone has parachutes to escape with. Then, of course the more intense part – learned about someone who did not make it out of one of the four planes, the towers, or the Pentagon. This year, I was hit by another rather intense feeling.

I have been very impressed by the survivors themselves. Getting through the day. Literally dusting themselves off, taking deep breaths, then walking back into the fray, for some. Others gathering their courage, and simply returning to work.

Seriously. Think about what it takes to go into a building that is impressive, but now has the vibration of the unknown. I have had a train blow up and ruin my windows, which caused a move across campus during college, but the buildings still stand. Gathering my belongings was edgy and in the end, I really hate trains. I can avoid them. But walking back into a high rise, or any major city building willingly after the attacks, is straight up incredible. I want to send a shoutout to those who have kept going, found support where needed, and somehow managed to find it possible to continue to work the standard 40 hour, or more, week.

Hopefully I can impress my kids with a new perspective without overwhelming them.

I for one, am eternally grateful for our ability to keep moving forward. Even when it means masks, and continued caution with Covid.

On that note… I hope you all are doing well. Plugging along staying healthy…. and being creative or active, or whatever keeps you moving forward too.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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