Spark! 1.9

And Spark! has made it into the rewrite. I found my introduction to tie the novel to the graphic series! Whoo!

So. What have you seen, learned, or decided for this very fine Friday?

I have been to a meeting, done homework for class, set aside details for next week’s lesson, written a new piece to my novel, and made it here… All before noon!

Wow! Imagine what I would accomplish if I were up like this every day… but who wants to be that productive…?

Well, me, but not … ok.. yes. Me.

Time to get my big girl pants back on and take advantage of my last week before school resumes.

What is your chosen revelation or job for the next week or month?

I need blinders for mine, but I know I am going somewhere and linking ideas finally, so there is that.

Onward we go…

Good morning, good night wherever you are! See you soon.


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