Spark! 1.8

Another handful of shows start to finish and I found another very similar tale to my idea. The Magicians.

It is amazing how an idea can plague you for months, if not years once it grabs ahold of you. I see so many areas my tale needs tightening down, which is why I am on this binge of watching every story, or reading them for that matter, that I can find.

At present my tale is in the re-write stage. I need to read through to find the weak areas and if I must read and edit, I might as well do them simultaneously. This is how I am hoping that I will find where Spark! fits into the scheme of things without trashing the flow.

And of course I am listening to an episode while I type this which means you are probably confused by now.

So lets say this… Stay with your tale, project, design, or whatever creative item you are working on. It is well worth every heart wrenching moment.

Find your way.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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