Spark! 1.10

Sometimes that SPARK comes in slow and steady moment to moment events, and sometimes they are sudden intense moments of clarity. Last night was another point that reminded me of the best that we can search for.

The story of Secratariat.

What an amazing piece of man and beautiful powerful creature connecting on a level that few of us experience first hand. And for it to be shared with the world? For all of us to experience in a moment, or in a few days if we read, weeks if we research…

Another similar moment… Miracle.

A moment of men from opposing schools who make up a force to reckon with and manage to unseat the world champions in hockey.

Whatever your passion, these moments can be found in the little moments and in the major events. Those are where I find the SPARK to lie.

What is your SPARK event?

Is there one moment that stands out?

Or are there many that keep you fired up and inspired…?

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


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