Spark! 1.11

I know I am deviating from story line, but Spark! is all about inspiration – I am sure you already caught that – so here is another piece of my experience.

Per my usual, I was watching a show, but this time it involved music, and music that I listened to before, during and afterwards.

Those songs…

You know the ones…

The ones that capture your heart, soul, spirit… your whole being…

The ones that drive straight into you with the ease of the most well placed blade.

  • Sometimes they share pain, and in the end, hopefully, release you from more than you realized you were experiencing.
  • Sometimes they lift you up. Send you flying so high you don’t think you will ever come down.
  • And then there are those songs…
    • The ones that do all of that, and inspire you to create more.
    • To create love.
    • To banish sadness, frustration, and pain.
    • Songs that lead you to a light in your day that sets you free to open your mind to all things possible, and rather than thinking you can defeat the impossible, help you realize that it says I’m Possible.

That is what today is about.

The ultimate in inspiration that shows up in songs, notes we took – maybe moments ago, or in the distant past – but suddenly are all crashing into your world at one time.

I’ve had those moments. Moments that feel like I am getting a message from the universe. From God or a guardian angel guiding my path. To see it present in another’s life opens so many possibilities.

To realize that one moment in a person’s life can become a turning point for millions.

We ALL have that potential. And I for one, want to share some of mine.

That is why I write.

Why do you create?

To keep to yourself? Or to dream…?

Live the dream that you were told was not possible, and share it with any who you dare!


Good morning, good night wherever you are!


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