Spark! 1.12

Little by little, I am retyping my story with minor and major edits. As I stated a few days ago, I have found a place to insert the Spark! concept, and I finally feel like I have little moments to fill the gaps between the scenes I have written. Some of them anyway.

Now I must warn you. Monday is D-day. The beginning of another year of discovery.

Another year with students, new and old.

Another year of working my way closer and closer to the ultimate goal of combining all of my talents and education.

So… if I am a bit on the absent side, I apologize now. I will be a consistent as possible, especially since they have a tendency of setting off my creative side all day long… and it will be an odd day for sure if I have nothing to share.

For now I am maintaining my goal by taking it one step at a time with as much time for me while I still have it.

Take a deep breath just for you today, and smile. You have given back to the world just by sharing that!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


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