Spark! 1.10

Sometimes that SPARK comes in slow and steady moment to moment events, and sometimes they are sudden intense moments of clarity. Last night was another point that reminded me of the best that we can search for.

The story of Secratariat.

What an amazing piece of man and beautiful powerful creature connecting on a level that few of us experience first hand. And for it to be shared with the world? For all of us to experience in a moment, or in a few days if we read, weeks if we research…

Another similar moment… Miracle.

A moment of men from opposing schools who make up a force to reckon with and manage to unseat the world champions in hockey.

Whatever your passion, these moments can be found in the little moments and in the major events. Those are where I find the SPARK to lie.

What is your SPARK event?

Is there one moment that stands out?

Or are there many that keep you fired up and inspired…?

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


Derailed again…

What can I say. I have a solid pattern with the A.D.D. thing. So, here is my question…

Is profanity truly a tool toward better writing?

In the case of the story I am thinking of… better magic?


Really, just. No.

Why then do we choose to use it with the frequency that most of us swallow? Blink… Turn sideways…

Apparently that is the only way? I read the books and they were more tempered. The sex seemed to be the theme there which I don’t see as quite so blatantly necessary, but in some cases, he used it to tie the magical knots… so to speak.  So I KINDA get that.

But profanity still eludes me.

I need unusual words like… marmalade.



Heck… I don’t care but we can be less liberal with the expletives, yeah?

Ok… we can agree, or agree to disagree on this one…I have said my piece.

Tata for now…

Good morning, good night wherever you are.



Spark! 1.9

And Spark! has made it into the rewrite. I found my introduction to tie the novel to the graphic series! Whoo!

So. What have you seen, learned, or decided for this very fine Friday?

I have been to a meeting, done homework for class, set aside details for next week’s lesson, written a new piece to my novel, and made it here… All before noon!

Wow! Imagine what I would accomplish if I were up like this every day… but who wants to be that productive…?

Well, me, but not … ok.. yes. Me.

Time to get my big girl pants back on and take advantage of my last week before school resumes.

What is your chosen revelation or job for the next week or month?

I need blinders for mine, but I know I am going somewhere and linking ideas finally, so there is that.

Onward we go…

Good morning, good night wherever you are! See you soon.


Spark! 1.8

Another handful of shows start to finish and I found another very similar tale to my idea. The Magicians.

It is amazing how an idea can plague you for months, if not years once it grabs ahold of you. I see so many areas my tale needs tightening down, which is why I am on this binge of watching every story, or reading them for that matter, that I can find.

At present my tale is in the re-write stage. I need to read through to find the weak areas and if I must read and edit, I might as well do them simultaneously. This is how I am hoping that I will find where Spark! fits into the scheme of things without trashing the flow.

And of course I am listening to an episode while I type this which means you are probably confused by now.

So lets say this… Stay with your tale, project, design, or whatever creative item you are working on. It is well worth every heart wrenching moment.

Find your way.

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


SOAPBOX time again!

Has anyone else noticed that if you have a Word or Norton subscription, that they conveniently update your information a solid month before your previous account expires?

Why is that? Are we no longer allowed to use the time that we have with our accounts?

Are we just supposed to sit idly by and say, “oh… ok… I am paid up for another term?”

What if the money is coming in a day?

A week?

A month before it is available – but it will still work out IF the company decides that we are allowed to use the full term of the subscription…?


What the hell gives?


Ok. – so its not what you expected today to be, but … well… what the heck gives?

Good morning, good night wherever you are… aren’t you just thrilled you checked in?


Write My Truth…

As usual, I have caught another interesting tidbit from a show – this time it was Daredevil – that has sent me off on a tangent. This time it is simple.

Write what you know. What you have experienced. What you know is your truth.

Quite often perspective is 9/10ths of the law, but it is a truth to someone even if we don’t always see eye to eye with the ideals presented.

So, here is my true belief.

I am on the right path.

Teaching that creativity can decompress, is valid.

And writing something new and fresh is fascinating!

With that thought in mind, I am going to continue my journey and hope you will do the same.

Enjoy your truth!

Good morning, good night wherever you are. Til next time!