Or maybe… Bah humbug.  No it is not Christmas, but the thought of changing my schedule from me time, to work time tends to drag this out of me on a Sunday night.  Monday’s are good because the week is heading toward completion, but this is my time of disgruntlement.

Last post you may remember me talking about writing about the good that happens to you in a day to help put the good and bad moments into perspective.  Well, for this time I start the … I have a solid 5 hours of playtime before I have to start for bed.  That means, at least 2 movies, or a handful of tv shows, or maybe even a good book.  It means crafts, or writing, and surfing the web for ideas for my students.. (yup – opted to teach summer school).  And now I just need to settle on my choices.  Maybe that is what the frustration is based on … I have too many options and only a little time.

So for now, I am going to think about my preferred thought for dinner.. I hate to cook if I can help it… and aside from the current allergy attack… I am going to make the most of my time.

What tools do you use to keep yourself upbeat, or establish a routine, pattern, or mission for your new week?  I know mine will be – reading, phonics and The Loch Ness Monster in the mornings.. but afternoons are aaalll for me. 😀  Find you bliss and create your mission.  It makes the blah moments into memorable moments.. for me.

And if I can remember to buy bacon so I will have headers to fit the page…

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you soon!


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