Ms. Hughes, how come you’re so awesome?

“Ms. Hughes, how come you’re so awesome?”  This is how my tutoring day ended yesterday.  A less enthusiastic child came today, but the ending was similar.  These are the moments that impact the love of any responsibility as we go through our, occasionally, humdrum lives.  One tool that has been exceptionally beneficial to help maintain this perspective is to write down the good moments that happen in a day, and actively identify the times of stress within the 24 hour stretch.  I have often noted that I allowed.. yes allowed… a 10 minute experience to wreck my frame of mind for at least a few hours, if not a few days.  After I started this habit, I found myself to be happier, and less frustrated in the long run.  Unfortunately, I am still human and those hurts from 20 years ago will overlap current frustrations and I will get lost for a bit, but I eventually come back around.

The thought then today is a post I saw last week:  For every minute of anger we feel, we lose hours off our lives.  In exchange, every minute of laughter that we feel adds days to our health.  Not a bad outcome if we choose the right path.

Til tomorrow, good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.

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