Whoooaaa. Two days in a roowww…!

Today I played with a new form of art. At moments I have been known to play with spray paint art for kicks… and have had fairly good success if I may do say so myself. After purchasing a couple metal working pieces from Redline Steel… sound like a free lance advertising agency with two posts like this but… I played with spray paint and water to color them. This was a student driven idea as I had purchased a custom piece that says Create, and I wanted to make sure the message was seen for what it is meant to be. Art in its purest form.

That being said, it was a success. My fingers are semi permanently maroon, peach, red and gold. The blue and green didn’t stick as well, but this is an adventure I will have to try again as soon as I can. Given the temperatures we are in store for, I am half expecting the paints to explode now that they are in a temp controlled environment, namely the house. If I walk in in and faint from odors… well, you will hear from me eventually… I will be that human for sure. I try not to over share, but the goofy things I set myself up for… yes. Most definitely.

As for the success of painting the metal signs, – they worked well, but not necessarily with the intended color layering I had in mind. Oh well. In my world that means I have the perfect opportunity to do this again… on the same piece and layer the paint until I am seeing what I hope to see. If the view I had earlier proves to be true they do kind of look a bit like a preschool finger paint job. Maybe I will like them dry. My student definitely will see what a mess I made before I continue though.

One thing I have learned this year, – take advantage of my students’ creative minds. Anyone else find that to be more rewarding -even when  a mess occurs – than you expect it to? I sure am. With that thought in mind, I shall bid you a temporary far thee well.

Good morning , good night wherever you are.


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