NaNoWrimo and other crazy stuff.

Over the last six months I have become far too embroiled in what has become a Zox (elastic strap/bracelet) fetish. This includes old stocks that I have never heard of, new ones that I missed or missed when I first joined the company, or seasonal collections that come in sets of 6 with an extra that you earn by sending in the corresponding cards. When I saw that each was numbered to go along with the positive quotes and such, my overzealous brain went, Oh heck yeah! Collectibles, collectibles Collectibles. Whole my appreciation has maintained with the unique qualities of the items, the chaos of finding the right sets when very few of what I really am looking for come my way is annoying as, excuse me but, hell.

So I turned into something more. I started saving the old straps I don’t need or want, and began passing them out at school to my students. Soon I had help from somewhere along the lines of six or seven other Zoxers as we like to call ourselves. That is what has kept my sanity through this crazy mess. This bit reminded me daily how the little things in life make a huge difference in another’s day. To me, it was a simple gesture that I hoped would … okay, I’m going to say it,  bribe… the kids into better behavior and more cooperation.  So far so good on that mark.

My only real concern now is that I must let the spending ease a bit, but I also hope to get ahead of the game and buy the troops more before school is out if not sooner. This one human band though, I got that down too well and often get myself backed into a corner, Fortunately, my crew seems to get it. I will find a way to get extra to get rid-ofs again soon.

Thank you for listening to my crazy little rant on my own inability to remain focused… Oh yeah, HI WORLD, I really am still out here. I just let myself get sucked into school and out of my routine… whoops. Not much of a routine maker am I huh?

Anyway, thank you again for being part of my crazy journey for the day. I hope that we can work together again soon and I will have another happy train of thought to share. In the writing Realm, I have surpassed 12,000 words on day 8 for NaNoWriMo… not too bad.. not too bad at all. 😀

Happy day one and all.

Good morning, good night wherever you are.


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