Here’s the Surprise

I have had a few great stories come across my research or story feed. Each of those would suit the goal of sharing that angels are among us, but none seemed to fit how I really wanted them to. Until a couple of days ago, that is. From there on it was a matter of stewing about the approach – so here it goes…

How often do, I want to say you, but I think ‘we’ suites best… anyway. How often do we feel like there is never anyone in our life that will really make a difference in what we do. Make a difference in what makes us the best we can be? Make a difference in how we handle the next two minutes of our suddenly very stressed out life?

Sometimes we just need to eat. Take a good nap. Sometimes we just simply need to realize that listening to those around us is the last thing we really need to do for our own sake of sanity. This, my friends, is what I want to share. A moment where one person can take charge of their life and simply be the angel in their own life. Take charge and let the rest of the world flow away and no longer punish us for our current situation.

To give you a taste of what I mean, I am attaching a video of a former Olympic bound gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi, who decided that she needed to take the sport from another angle. In doing so, she also allowed herself to find joy again.

Take a look, and reflect on how you could benefit by being your own angel. I am, now that I have been reminded.

Til next time (unless you have a thought to share… then please do!) Stay creative!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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