I took part in a virtual tour of Auschwitz and its sister camps. The history fiend in me was fascinated, and I feel that I came away with a more solid view of the experience when I teach the subject, but I know what you are going to say…

HOW is THIS a way to find the angels that live among us? HOW can I choose the most DEPRESSING of subjects to start this project with?

I get that, but I thought that I would start big and work my way to the little things as I progress. To do this, I am going to hand you a few names that you can research if you don’t know who they are, but the first will tip you off to the goal.

  1. Oskar Schindler
  2. Irena Sendler
  3. Johan Van Hulst
  4. Raoul Wallenburg
  5. Sir Nicholas Winton
  6. Meip Gies
  7. Chiune Sugihara
  8. Albert Goering

Yup. That’s right. Goering. The Luftwaffe Commander’s brother. In fact, I just came across information that Hitler’s own nephew petitioned the US to allow him to fight against Germany with them. That is a new path I must research, but the eight above I have already spent a fair amount of time revisiting.

Angels are among us, and even differ in the views of their families as has been documented often throughout history. In my efforts to find a more positive view of life’s battles, I find quite a few of these characters. Characters that feel compelled to act in spite of how they feel. How they are treated.

We can only hope to recognize them when we meet them.

We can only hope to emulate them when our opportunity to act is thrust upon us.

If you know of others that must be shared, let me know and I will begin projects including their stories. Don’t forget the elder who quietly lives down the street, or the grocer who is home from a tour. They are among us often in the smallest of roles.

In the meantime, stay creative, stay positive and keep on keepin’ on!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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