Ah… Summer Scorch Has Begun

How are we all doing? I have made it through yet another school year. Easy to say, the most unusual of the last 31 years since I started teaching (admittedly, only 25 in the classroom, 21 fulltime), but it was not the worst year.

With that in mind, I have decided to add an angle to this page… in my random way of posting. I favor those moments that it seems like an angel has dropped in to say hi at just the right moment. It may be the neighbor who stops in and lends a hand, or a stranger who steps up. Either way, a positive moment is had by all.

I am going to start looking for more of those little reported positive experiences… or maybe a bunch of kitten or puppy videos to lighten the day. In the meantime while I find my first chosen article (and please do send suggestions if you find any) I want to share one of the funniest pairs I have seen in ages. Positivity is their thing and I have laughed hard enough that my ribs hurt since I found their page. *** This may not be child friendly – depending upon your parenting styles.***

Hope you all are keeping a happy heart and staying creative!

Good morning goodnight wherever you are!


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