Happy New Year!

2018 has officially come to pass. For some reason I am excited for 2019 more than usual. I had a great time in the midst of all the drama and daily happenings of life. After all, I got to write. How could I be anything other than thrilled?

I lost a furry friend… and I swear he had a meeting with the one I adopted a month later. She’s as hyper as he was… oy.

I have set traditional oil painting aside and started playing with spray paints.

I have attempted to stitch, and bead, and sketch, but I keep coming back here. Sometimes its to simply get my word count in for the day. Sometimes it is to redraft a piece I’ve written before, and others it is to fill in gaps and keep the pieces flowing.

Over the course of the last 10 days I’ve drafted over 15,000 words for the new class (two chapters were reworded but others I made up as my fingers hit the keys), and the next 8 chapters, may be as much as 10 will be turned in by March 3rd. Then the easy part will be over. I will have a new degree completed, but I will be responsible for maintaining my schedule from that point on. I have a clearer view of where I will be by the end of book 1, and yet there is so much to write before I get there. Whew!

Okay. Here is step 1 – Do not psych yourself out before you get started.

2 – Go with the flow and have fun!

3 – Enjoy the ride! (… alright, that’s the same thing but I like the words…)

So… with that thought in mind. What’s your goal for 2019? I say we celebrate every success we have and claim them as they come.

Here’s to a new chapter in our lives!

Good morning, good night everyone!

Happy New Year!



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