Bloody Hell…

Baaahhh…ok… So this is not going to be one of those peaceful moments, but it is not life or death… well, in reality at least.

The writers did it again. Yet another character that I value was killed off. What do these writers think they are? God? Just because I am kicking around the idea of how to keep the tension going in my story, and who is going to suffer the same, or at least a similar, fate, doesn’t mean my peace of mind can be messed with again!

Yup. You got it. I am selfish and demandy right now… but… you know what I mean.

So… on another note… The one thing that keeps me circling the PTS train…mmm… bus… has risen to the forefront again. No sooner did I get my rant out and the story turned to a similar path that I want to do. For at least the third time in three days no less.

I NEED to break free somehow and start my idea. Community based anxiety management through hands on activities – creative outlets. They really do go a long way.

And with that in mind… anyone else getting signals that cannot be ignored?

Want to join my crusade for getting on with a new tangent in life?… ok… Tangent is not the best word, but you get the right idea…



Personal outlets, or messages you receiving?

Well. I look forward to hearing or sharing more. After all, sharing even with a few is better than keeping it all to myself. Right?

Have a glorious week, people.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


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