Since I’m On Fire…


I have hit a bit of a snag in trusting the intentions of my story. Why? Because the character that died on me last night… I saw it coming from a mile away.

So many story lines I figure out before I hit the halfway mark. If I am lucky, I am not certain for the first third of the story. Finding a way to tell the story, giving hints but keeping the end result at least a bit of a mystery, is a major goal for me.

With that thought in mind, I turn to you.  What is the best plot twist you have ever seen?

Why did it stick with you?

I have only had a few books completely blindside me in the end over the last ten to fifteen years, which is okay. I just really like to see an author surprise me with an ending that truly makes sense and makes me want to re-read their book.

Hope the year is treating you all well!

Good morning, goodnight wherever you are!


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