The Light at the End of the Tunnel…

Well… another anniversary of the train explosion has come and gone. I was aware of the day, except for the moment that I got up around 4:30 (near the time of the event), for a moment, and almost instantly was back to sleep. Yay for me. Dwelling on the day is not taking part as much as it used to. It only took 30 years to gain some distance, but it works!

Couple that with some very interesting and hopeful themes tied to the last 3 episodes of God Friended Me, and I had the makings for some excellent posts… none of which stuck with me since I need to take care of the last 4 weeks of classes first.

On that note. I will be doing my usual hit and miss for the next month. Between teaching, photography at basketball tournaments, and schoolwork, I am going to be spread a bit thin. The work is progressing nicely, but I am aiming for giving it my best. A last Hoorah if you will.

Gotta start dealin’ with student loans in July and … well.. I said it before… oy.

With these gloriously uplifting thoughts in mind. ..

May you stay creative, hopeful and I will catch you in March if not sooner.

Take care all!

Good morning, good night wherever you are.


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