Merry Christmas One and All!

A week off and the first real solid piece of writing done during break. Sure, I’ve written 3-600 words a day, but today was over 1600. Not bad for having all kinds of distractions. It also is the first time that I feel like my characters have transitioned into the land of Borealveldt.

Hm… I spent the last two days watching the three Hobbit stories, and then the Lord of the Rings series. Maybe I need to spend more time in Middle Earth. Couldn’t hurt anyway could it?

Now I need a new obsession to watch and be inspired by. Ideas?

I think I will leave it at that and hope you all have family that you are with or at least, in contact with. I am of the latter as I live far enough away that winter travel doesn’t make for a joyful break, but well timed phone calls do!

Good morning, good night one and all on this wonderful Yuletide season!

Hope you find a wonderful gift or two in the morning rather than a lump of coal…


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