The Home Stretch has Begun

Today I started class. The last class of my Creative Writing endeavor. According to the syllabus I am guaranteed a chance to share another 20,000 words of my creation plus gain some publishing tips as part of the close in February.

To find that the end is near leaves a sense of ambiguity with me. I love taking classes, but it will be nice to write for myself rather than because I have to… and yet… most of this degree has allowed that to happen.

And then there’s the more shocking aspect of the moment… $130,000 to pay back. Again… for some reason I am not completely freaked out… well… not most of the time. On a teacher’s salary that will be tough, but if I could supplement it with editing or writing activities… it may not be so bad.

Now to find that edge to help manage the bills…. Got any ideas? 😀

I know… I made my bed… but it was fun while it happened!

Good morning, good night wherever you are!

See you soon!


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