… And this is why I try not to make too many promises…

I promised to be in touch throughout my writing classes, and here I am a class and half in and finally coming back to the board.  Tonight I sent an email to nominate David Villalva, and his website: https://davidvillalva.com/ – to the top 101 websites contest.  His work has been part of my studies through accidental efforts as I have looked for additional sources to aide my writing goals.

Not only has he been effective in keeping me focused, but he also manages to find a way to keep my trust rolling forward.  And let me tell you… wow!  Believable characters…. had to use a lot of my own quirks to keep that point in place.  All is good.. now setting.  Oy!  I love the idea of not using a specific location on Earth as we know it… I need some freedom so I can explore the world and feel that my lack of traveling has a valid source.  So I am looking at pictures, searching my mind for ideas… and now I need a governing, cultural, and .. well.. complete world.

And again I say.. oy.
But then I see the kind of freedom and gratification that only creation can give me.  So, with that in mind… I will sign off for now and wish you well in your efforts to let the art of creation take your mind to the best of places.

Main idea of the scatterbrained post?  Keep creativity alive – especially the type of creativity that you love – carpentry…. welding… writing… art… on a daily basis if you can.

As one of the videos I watched exploring for class says… the only bad book is that which is not attempted.  So go forth and create with all your horrible terrible first ideas – then look for the gem in the midst!

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon!


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