I’m Freeee… for a week…

Today marks the first day of a week long (yeah right about 3 days I’ll take) reprieve from classes. I have 2 left to do my best and then I am set for graduation and a new degree to claim. So, in the spirit of taking hold of my time as I should, my goal is to post everyday for the week.

… but I have honestly not much to say. I am content with my progress and I have developed a new class to propose once I am done with my degree…

Life is good and ready to be quiet… ish… for a few.

I guess for now I will bid you adieu.

Good morning, good night wherever you are!


…. oh alright… I think I accidentally stumbled onto a potential ‘root-of-all-things-Borealveldt’ in writing a quick addition last night… and then when I added today too… I has somethin goin on… 😀


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