Week 1 of my Capstone down…

I just finished the first week, and turned in the outline for my novel beginning the capstone process…. I have talked about a Spark! that is felt when you create and let me tell you… My Spark! is spine tingling right now.

I am doing one thing I never fully thought I’d do. Write for anyone other than me.

Poetry .. sure. That only takes an hour – 2 if I need to polish it and create a graphic background. Poetry has always been easy… but a novel?

Yet here I am. Approximately 36,000 words written (half) and the energy is stronger than ever before – even with the Negative Nora moments that I question success.

I am focusing on my target audience… middle school on up… and I know I can make a difference if I tell the story right.

Sooo… there’s that word again… so I guess I best get back to it huh?

Hope your inspiration is working with you all too!

Good morning, good night wherever you are! Be back soon…


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