I Didn’t Fall Off the Planet. Honest!

Hello World!

First a few housekeeping points. I am alive, kickin, and healthy thank goodness. I sincerely hope the same for you all. I have finally put graduation behind us, and as class advisor, I needed to be fully engaged this time around. I also am nearly done with the yearbook. Just in time for the new year!… Can anyone give me a ‘good grief.’ All I want is to give myself recovery time before we start up again… whatever that looks like. 

Oh yeah… and I’ve been giving my house a fair once over. Done with all the extras. Boxes, bags and random unused stuff took trips to the dump just so I could regain some clarity. I have also changed out carpet overlay… meaning I only took out what was over the original and added my own additional. More bookshelves and cabinetry have made it easier to deal with my stuff and space too. Now just to get finished…

On the creative front, my 51-going-on-15-year-old-teeny-bopper-self has been binge watching Flash and Teen Wolf again. I want to say I have gotten enough out of the experience, but every time I seem to come away with more ideas. More inspiration for my own characters. I have even begun drafting conversations to try and weed out their personality quirks. Maybe a good re-read of what I have drafted will help, especially since the oddball portions of their personalities are still eluding me. If I can pull that off, stay healthy, and sane in this insane world, I will be golden and spoiled rotten. I say take my sanity first. At least I can regain some as I continue to write.

So…. what’s up with you all? Have you found a rhythm to your lives yet? I am so willing to be housebound, that I don’t feel much has changed. I do definitely wish that you each enjoy the homebody life as well as I do. I can only imagine how much you must be chomping at the bit otherwise.

Ooohhh.. wise… how about that Neowise? Anyone else have a good view of it passing? I have a few pics that turned out okay. I just wish I had a better lens to pull it in closer. Other than that, I have had a few good photography experiences this week, because of it.

Well. Tis that time as I hope to try some diamond painting in place of cross stitch tonight. Gotta keep my creative arts going not to mention expanding if I hope to find ways to grow in my teaching.

I wish you all a very good day. 

Talk to you soon… oh how I hope, but you are beginning to know me.

Good morning, goodnight and be safe wherever you are!


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