Spark! 1.5

Three screenplay pages in, and more character profiling drafted later… and voila! I am staying on point for a change. If I can draft a few high points with the Spark! theme behind them, I can carry forward with my Borealveldt Troupe and continue editing for my final thesis.

One thing is for certain. It is a relief to be writing creatively… though I have started what I understand, is my last primary class leading into completion of my thesis. To write a story as a thesis though… boy howdy do I hope that all is as I expect it to be. Then I will be even more focused on this aspect of my day.

As I mentioned in prior posts, writing has a healing effect on me. As the new school year looms with the promise of documentation being audited… I half dread the year, but I did very well with it last time… I had just promised myself I would be a step further in my program by now and be out of the classroom after the last go round.

Oh well… someone has to do it, and in the meantime… I get to live the dream and write… Right?!

Thank you for joining me today!

Good morning, good night wherever you are! Til next time.



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